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Project #2003-017-00 (Project) seeks to develop two novel monitoring and evaluation programs: (i) subbasin-scale pilot status and trend monitoring efforts for anadromous salmonids and their habitat in the Wenatchee, John Day and South Fork Salmon River basins, and (ii) effectiveness monitoring for suites of habitat restoration projects in selected watersheds within the three target subbasins.  This work - critical for implementing the 2000 NMFS FCRPS Biological Opinion (RPA Actions 180, 181, and 183) (BiOp) - builds on current status and trend monitoring programs within each of these basins.  Several regional and local organizations are funding and implementing these programs.  This project will integrate existing and new monitoring and evaluation activities in three pilot subbasins to help ensure that provisions of the BiOp are satisfied.

This Scope of Work (SOW) will enable the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) to implement the Project in the Wenatchee Subbasin.  Specifically, within this SOW, United States Department of Agriculture - Forest Service (USFS) will 1) estimate the abundance and distribution of fish within the Wenatchee Subbasin by conducting snorkeling surveys at 50 randomly selected locations, and 2) estimate the total number of steelhead redds in 25 randomly selected streams reaches within the Wenatchee Subbasin.  

The work elements within this SOW expand upon previous and current monitoring work being conducted by USFS and are key components of the two monitoring and evaluation programs developed by the Project. Past and current USFS monitoring work includes steelhead spawning surveys in the Methow, Entiat and Naches subbasins; fine sediment, stream temperature, fish distribution surveys, habitat surveys, and bull trout spawning surveys in the Methow, Entiat, Wenatchee, Upper Yakima and Naches subbasins.  All the monitoring programs are coordinated with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Yakama Nation, Chelan County and Douglas County Public Utility Districts.  

These work elements are interrelated with other Project components including: 1) steelhead spawning surveys in index reaches and 2) habitat characterization work at the same 50 randomly selected locations as the snorkeling work.  While the completion of most work elements within this SOW is not dependent on the implementation of interrelated Project components, the completion of this SOW will provide the context for, and facilitate the interpretation of, data collected in other Project components.  
One work element within this SOW will be dependent on the implementation of an interrelated Project component.  Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) will be conducting steelhead spawning ground surveys at index reaches.  Counts of steelhead in these index reaches will be required, in conjunction with USFS surveys at randomly-selected sites, to generate total Subbasin escapement values.

Unless changes are mutually agreed to by the Upper Columbia Regional Technical Team (RTT) and USFS, technical methodologies for all work conducted under this SOW will follow protocols specified in the following document:

Hillman, T.W.  2004.  Monitoring strategy for the Upper Columbia Basin: Draft report February 1, 2004.  Prepared for Upper Columbia Regional Technical Team, Wenatchee, Washington.

NOAA-Fisheries and the RTT are creating an appendix to Hillman (2004) describing specific inter-relationships between several monitoring elements, currently in draft version.  This draft document, and eventually the final appendix, will provide additional context for this SOW, but will not constitute a contractual element of this SOW.
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Full Name Organization Write Permission Contact Type Email Work Phone
David Byrnes Bonneville Power Administration Yes COTR (503) 230-3171
Justin Call US Forest Service (USFS) Yes Technical Contact (509) 664-9322
Rick Edwards US Forest Service (USFS) No Administrative Contact (509) 664-9315
Jacqueline Haskins US Forest Service (USFS) Yes Technical Contact (509) 548-6977x275
Paul Krueger Bonneville Power Administration Yes F&W Approver (503) 230-5723
Khanida Mote Bonneville Power Administration No Contracting Officer (503) 230-4599
Pamela Nelle Terraqua, Inc. Yes Interested Party (509) 885-8143
Mike Ward Terraqua, Inc. Yes Interested Party (509) 486-2426
Nancy Weintraub Bonneville Power Administration No Env. Compliance Lead (503) 230-5373

Viewing of Work Statement Elements

Deliverable Title WSE Sort Letter, Number, Title Start End Complete
Update location of sampling sites A: 114. Site Overviews 02/15/2007 02/01/2007
Steelhead redd surveys B: 157. Steelhead redd surveys 06/30/2006 06/30/2006
Fish Population Data Collection C: 157. Fish Population Data Collection 12/15/2006 12/15/2006
All BPA Contract Documents D: 119. Overall Project Management 02/28/2007 02/09/2007
Final Annual Report submitted to NOAA Fisheries E: 132. Annual Report 02/15/2007 02/09/2007
Obtain permits F: 165. Pre-work for FY07 contract 02/28/2007 02/01/2007

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Primary Focal Species Work Statement Elements
All Anadromous Fish
  • 1 instance of WE 157 Collect/Generate/Validate Field and Lab Data
All Anadromous Salmonids
  • 1 instance of WE 157 Collect/Generate/Validate Field and Lab Data

Sort WE ID WE Title NEPA Public Involvement NOAA USFWS NHPA Has Provisions Inadvertent Discovery Completed
A 114 Site Overviews
B 157 Steelhead redd surveys
C 157 Fish Population Data Collection
D 119 Overall Project Management
E 132 Annual Report
F 165 Pre-work for FY07 contract
G 185 Periodic Status Reports for BPA