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Contract 56662 REL 198: 1988-120-25 EXP YKFP MANAGEMENT & DATA
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Yakima River Management & Data -Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project (YKFP)
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Columbia Plateau Yakima 100.00%
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56662 REL 198
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56662 REL 168: 1988-120-25 EXP YKFP MANAGEMENT & DATA
  • CR-342654: 1988-120-25 EXP YKFP MANAGEMENT & DATA
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BPA Project Number:  1988-120-25
Statement of Work and Budget FY 2020
BPA Project Title:  Yakima Fisheries Project Management & Data
Contract Title:  YKFP Management & Data (MD)
Performance/Budget Period:  10/01/19 - 09/30/20

This project provides for all YN management and coordination functions associated with the Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project (YKFP or Project) in the Yakima Subbasin.  The YKFP was established in a 1994 Memorandum of Agreement with WDFW (project co-manager) to implement and evaluate artificial propagation methods used to restore and rebuild anadromous fish populations in the subbasin.  The YKFP was subsequently expanded to include the Klickitat Subbasin.  However, Klickitat Subbasin management and coordination activities are covered under a separate BPA project, 1988-120-35.

Principal YKFP activities include the use of artificial propagation of juveniles derived from natural origin broodstock to supplement the natural populations of spring Chinook, fall Chinook and coho.  Research, monitoring and evaluation is performed to address, among other issues, (1) the effects of supplementation on the natural populations, (2) the effectiveness of juvenile rearing methods and acclimation in achieving juvenile survival and supplementation objectives, (3) ecological impacts from supplementation, and (4) the development of data to allow adjustments to hatchery and acclimation operations to meet project objectives according to adaptive management principles. Supplementation activities must be coordinated with habitat availability to manage ecological risks and optimize natural production and adult recruitment.  

The YKFP is a complex and comprehensive project that requires significant management and administrative resources. It includes fish production and research facilities and numerous research programs. The Yakama Nation serves as the YKFP “Lead Agency” and is responsible for implementation of all YKFP programs; including managing and directing YKFP project employees, associated project budgets, and ensuring the quality and efficiency of project activities.  

Implementation is coordinated with WDFW, which participates in project planning and performs certain research activities related to ecological interactions, genetics research and analysis, and reproductive success of supplementation fish.   In broad categories, the Yakama Nation is responsible to implement and coordinate:

1. Project planning activities, including those pertaining to facility construction and modifications;
2. Operation and maintenance activities at all YKFP facilities;
3. Project research activities including production of scientific reports and publications;
4. Design and development of a centralized database for Project use and dissemination to others;
5. Development and submittal of funding proposals that ensure consistency with the 2008 MOA between the Three Treaty Tribes and the FCRPS Action Agencies,  and sufficient funding for YKFP operations

Habitat restoration and protection projects within the Yakima Subbasin are now covered under the 1997-051-00 - Yakima Basin Side Channels Land Acquisition project; however, personnel under this project still are responsible for oversight of these activities.

To meet its lead agency responsibilities, the Yakama Nation employs approximately 100 people, including managers, scientists, technicians, fish culturists, laborers and office support personnel. Project management personnel work out of the YKFP’s Central Office in Toppenish, Washington, the Nelson Springs Office and Research Facility northeast of Yakima, Washington and a satellite office in Ellensburg, Washington.  The Wahkiacus Field Office houses scientists and technicians engaged in monitoring and evaluation, habitat management and data management activities for the Klickitat Subbasin.  The YKFP also operates passage and hatchery facilities in the Klickitat.  Part of YKFP management requires coordination of Klickitat and Yakima research and data management activities.

This Management & Data contract funds the activities of YKFP executive management, project coordination and administrative staff necessary for discharging these responsibilities, including administrative support for day to day YKFP operations in the Yakima Subbasin.  Management services funded by this contract include oversight and support of the following YKFP programs:

1.     O&M Lower Yakima River Supplementation & Research Complex,
2.     O&M Upper Yakima River Supplementation & Research Complex
3.     Yakima Basin Monitoring & Evaluation
4.     Klickitat Basin Monitoring and Evaluation,
5.     Klickitat Watershed Enhancement Project
6.     Klickitat Management, Data and Habitat project.
7.     Klickitat River O&M
8.     YN Project to Provide VSP Estimate
9.     Management & Data (Yakima Basin)
10.   Capital Klickitat Design & Construction
11.   YN Coho Hatchery Program -Holmes Step 2/3
12.   Expense Klickitat Hatchery/Wahkicus Design
13.   Side Channels and Land Acquisition

The success of all YKFP projects depends on the administrative structure funding by this contract. The Yakama Nation's management and coordination responsibilities (identified herein) are expected to continue through and beyond the contract performance period. This umbrella management approach was developed through discussions with BPA and the Northwest Power and Conservation Council. WDFW participates in YKFP management through BPA Project 1995-064-25, YKFP Policy/Technical Involvement/Planning.

This contract has seven primary objectives:

1. Provide comprehensive management oversight of the implementation of YKFP activities.
2. Support YN policy development related to YKFP activities in the Yakima and Klickitat Subbasins.
3. Coordinate and/or perform all tasks necessary to the development of project planning documents.
4. Provide required administrative support for Project operations, including financial management and accountability and realty services coordination and technical review.
5. Design, develop and manage YKFP's Data and Information System.
6. Schedule and conduct the YKFP's Science & Management Conference (incorporates Project Annual Review), which includes presentations by project scientists and provides for peer review of research activities.
7. Participate in watershed planning, protection and restoration initiatives by various agencies, groups and committees.

This is a one year contract and budget. There will be no international travel.  
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* Expenditures data includes accruals and are based on data through 31-Jul-2020.

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Full Name Organization Write Permission Contact Role Email Work Phone
Shirley Alvarado Yakama Confederated Tribes Yes Administrative Contact (509) 865-5121x6304
Bill Bosch Yakama Confederated Tribes Yes Contract Manager
Desmond Gelman Bonneville Power Administration No CO Assistant (503) 230-4960
Peter Lofy Bonneville Power Administration Yes F&W Approver (503) 230-4193
Michelle O'Malley Bonneville Power Administration Yes COTR (503) 230-5138
Rubi Rodriquez Yakama Confederated Tribes Yes Administrative Contact (509) 865-5121x6335
Mel Sampson Yakama Confederated Tribes Yes Supervisor (509) 865-5121x6303
Adrienne Wilson Yakama Confederated Tribes Yes Administrative Contact (509) 865-5121x6306
Karen Wolfe Bonneville Power Administration Yes Contracting Officer (503) 230-3448

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Deliverable Title WSE Sort Letter, Number, Title Start End Complete
All contract related documentation submitted by due dates. B: 119. Yakama Nation YKFP Project Management and Implementation 07/14/2020
YKFP Project Year 2019 M&E Annual Report C: 132. YKFP Monitoring & Evaluation (1995-063-25) Project Year 2019 Annual Technical Report 5/19- 4/20 09/30/2020
YKFP Project Year Annual Report D: 132. YKFP Data and Management (1988-120-25) Project Year 2019 Annual Non-technical Report 10/18-9/19 09/30/2020 10/31/2019
Produce Scientific Publication(s) E: 183. Produce Scientific Publication(s) 09/30/2020
RPA report for YKFP M&E 1995-063-25 F: 202. BiOp RPA Report for YKFP M&E Project 1995-063-25 CY 2019 03/15/2020 03/15/2020
Data sharing / internet access to project data G: 161. YKFP Data and Information Dissemination 09/30/2020
Project database maintenance, security, and quality control H: 159. YKFP Data Acquisition 09/30/2020
Management and maintenance of project data systems I: 160. Maintain & Implement YKFP Data and Information System Management 09/30/2020
Coordination J: 191. YKFP Policy Coordination and Analysis 09/30/2020

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Chinook (O. tshawytscha) - Mid-Columbia River Spring ESU
  • 1 instance of WE 183 Produce Journal Article
  • 1 instance of WE 159 Transfer/Consolidate Regionally Standardized Data
  • 1 instance of WE 161 Disseminate Raw/Summary Data and Results

Sort WE ID WE Title NEPA NOAA USFWS NHPA Has Provisions Inadvertent Discovery Completed
A 185 Periodic Status Reports for BPA
B 119 Yakama Nation YKFP Project Management and Implementation
C 132 YKFP Monitoring & Evaluation (1995-063-25) Project Year 2019 Annual Technical Report 5/19- 4/20
D 132 YKFP Data and Management (1988-120-25) Project Year 2019 Annual Non-technical Report 10/18-9/19
E 183 Produce Scientific Publication(s)
F 202 BiOp RPA Report for YKFP M&E Project 1995-063-25 CY 2019
G 161 YKFP Data and Information Dissemination
H 159 YKFP Data Acquisition
I 160 Maintain & Implement YKFP Data and Information System Management
J 191 YKFP Policy Coordination and Analysis