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Portfolio "Spokane Subbasin"
Name: Spokane Subbasin 
Description: All worksites within the Spokane Subbasin since FY 2005 
Result Type: Work Site 
Visibility: Visible to the general public without an account 
Created: 2/7/2012 4:57:39 PM by Marsters, Dal 
Last Modified: 11/9/2012 2:55:41 PM by Marsters, Dal 
Last Automatic Snapshot: 12/8/2021 8:54:05 AM 
Proponents: 15 
FCRPS BiOp Actions: RPA 42 Implement Conservation Programs to Build Genetic Resources and Assist in Promoting Recovery, RPA 43 Northern Pikeminnow Management Program (NPMP), RPA 51 Collaboration Regarding Fish Population Status Monitoring, RPA 54 Monitor and Evaluate Effects of Configuration and Operation Actions, RPA 63 Monitor Hatchery Effectiveness, RPA 70 Monitoring Related to Piscivorous (Fish) Predation, RPA 72 Data Management 
Cumulative Working Budget: $354,281,073 in Expense
$166,811,930 in Capital
Total # of Projects: 33
Criteria Summary:

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