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Project Summary

Project 2023-004-00 - Pacific Northwest Aquatic Restoration Partnership in the John Day River Basin
Project Number:
Pacific Northwest Aquatic Restoration Partnership in the John Day River Basin
This agreement, under the Pacific Northwest Aquatic Restoration Partnership in the John Day River Basin project, supports the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Region 6 (USFS) 2022 Memorandum of Understanding (see project documents) to address common, strategic interest in supporting the recovery of salmon and steelhead in the Columbia River Basin. The John Day River is the 4th longest free-flowing river in the contiguous United States, providing habitat for Chinook salmon, steelhead, bull trout, westslope cutthroat trout, and lamprey. USFS has identified priority habitat actions on National Forest lands in the upper reaches of the basin that include fish passage, stream complexity, floodplain reconnection, and riparian enhancement in targeted, priority watersheds. In addition, BPA and project partners, have identified high priority passage and habitat actions within the upper John Day watersheds utilizing BPA’s Atlas Prioritization Framework. Given that USFS lands comprise 30% of the river basin on which ~50% of the streamflow originates, including the coldest waters, this agreement will further support BPA mitigation efforts in the basin, much of which is currently focused on private land. BPA will continue to support other third-party projects and programs (e.g. Tribes, non-governmental organizations) separate from this relationship.

BPA and the USFS agree to apply resources to support design and construction of prioritized fish passage barriers and floodplain reconnection projects across three National Forests (Malheur, Umatilla, Wallowa-Whitman) in the John Day Basin during a pilot plan. During the initial agreement, BPA will provide $10 million in funding, approximately $2 million per fiscal year, over a 5-year period. Extension of the agreement will be informed by USFS reporting and BPA assessment of accomplishments during the pilot including: timely delivery of on the ground work, cost per metric delivered, and relevance of steelhead habitat delivered or evidence of species response. This agreement is implementation focused and does not provide research, monitoring, or evaluation funding as these efforts shall be funded by the USFS or coordinated with other BPA funded monitoring projects in the basin.

Under this agreement the USFS will design and implement highest priority habitat actions on USFS lands that support BPA’s mitigation obligation under the FCRPS BiOp for ESA listed Middle Columbia River steelhead. Only the highest priority actions shall be proposed for BPA funding. Aquatic Organism Passage (AOP) actions shall deliver the highest habitat value for steelhead limiting lifestages. AOP funding request shall include an assessment of barrier type and duration and associated steelhead limiting lifestages impacted and metrics produced (e.g. miles of quality cold water steelhead summer rearing habitat made accessible in temperature limited areas). AOP projects that do not change passage status for a steelhead limiting lifestage, are outside of the steelhead habitat range, or provide minimal benefit for steelhead will not be funded under this agreement. Habitat actions shall be prioritize acres of floodplain reconnected and miles of instream complexity produced and target steelhead limiting lifestages. Proposed projects must be high priority opportunities, within Tier 1 watersheds, and address all relevant habitat actions identified in the Atlas Prioritization Framework. To assure deliverables are aligned with BPA priorities the BPA Habitat Area Lead and a technical designate (as needed) shall be included in AOP planning and habitat design development. AOP projects shall be designed according to USFS Engineering policy and criteria with final technical documents (plans, specifications, construction contracting packages) submitted to BPA. For projects that do not involve substantial involvement of other BPA funded project partners, such as AOP projects, USFS shall be the lead entity and complete all necessary environmental clearances under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) Aquatic Restoration Biological Opinion (ARBO), National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). For habitat projects lead entity designations will be determined on a case by case basis and BPA Habitat Area Lead and a technical designate (as needed) shall be included on project interdisciplinary teams (IDT) and review and approve conceptual designs, 30%, and 60% design iterations prior to design advancement.

Work implemented though this federal-to-federal partnership will be consistent with the Northwest Power Conservation Council’s John Day Sub-Basin Plan. Much of the work to be addressed within this effort is targeted within the North Fork and Middle Fork of the John Day River. The Sub-basin plan identifies these watersheds as some of the most productive area of the John Day for both Chinook and ESA Listed Steelhead and timely action is necessary, if fish objectives are to be met. The Pacific Northwest Aquatic Restoration Partnership in the John Day River Basin agreement has not yet undergone Northwest Power Conservation Council Fish and Wildlife Program review. While the work is within BPA’s authority under the FCRPS BiOp obligations it is recognized the Council may request a review and additional conditions of approval.
Proponent Orgs:
US Forest Service (USFS) (Govt - Federal)
Starting FY:
Ending FY:
Implementation - Project Status Report
Province Subbasin %
Columbia Plateau John Day 100.00%
Focal Species:
Chinook - Mid-Columbia River Spring ESU
Lamprey, Pacific
Steelhead - Middle Columbia River DPS
Trout, Bull
Trout, Interior Redband
Species Benefit:
Anadromous: 100.0%   Resident: 0.0%   Wildlife: 0.0%
BiOp Association:

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Summary of Budgets

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Decided Budget Transfers  (FY2023 - FY2025)

Acct FY Acct Type Amount Fund Budget Decision Date
FY2023 Expense $700,000 From: General Budget transfer (2010-001-00/BCR#106, 2023-004-00/BCR#107)--4/3/2023 04/04/2023
FY2023 Expense $700,000 To: General Budget transfer (2010-001-00/BCR#106, 2023-004-00/BCR#107)--4/3/2023 04/04/2023
FY2023 Expense $813,600 From: General Budget transfer (2023-004-00/BCR#108)--5/8/2023 05/08/2023
FY2024 Expense $2,000,000 From: General July 25th SOY Upload 07/27/2023
FY2024 Expense $2,000,000 To: General Correction to Upload 07/27/2023
FY2024 Expense $907,349 From: General Dec 14 2023 Decisions 12/14/2023

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Actual Project Cost Share

Current Fiscal Year — 2024
Cost Share Partner Total Proposed Contribution Total Confirmed Contribution
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Previous Fiscal Years
Fiscal Year Total Contributions % of Budget
2023 (Draft)


The table below contains contracts with the following statuses: Active, Closed, Complete, History, Issued.
* "Total Contracted Amount" column includes contracted amount from both capital and expense components of the contract.
Expense Contracts:
Number Contractor Name Title Status Total Contracted Amount Dates
92698 SOW US Forest Service (USFS) 2023-004-00 EXP PNW JOHN DAY AOP DESIGN Issued $813,600 6/15/2023 - 7/31/2025
94057 SOW US Forest Service (USFS) 2023-004-00 EXP PNW JOHN DAY 2024 DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION Issued $907,349 1/15/2024 - 11/30/2025

Annual Progress Reports
Expected (since FY2004):0
On time:0
Status Reports
On time:1
Avg Days Late:25

                Count of Contract Deliverables
Earliest Contract Subsequent Contracts Title Contractor Earliest Start Latest End Latest Status Accepted Reports Complete Green Yellow Red Total % Green and Complete Canceled
92698 2023-004-00 EXP PNW JOHN DAY AOP DESIGN US Forest Service (USFS) 06/15/2023 10/31/2025 Issued 2 0 14 1 0 15 93.33% 0
94057 2023-004-00 EXP PNW JOHN DAY 2024 DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION US Forest Service (USFS) 01/15/2024 11/30/2025 Issued 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Project Totals 2 0 14 1 0 15 93.33% 0

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Name Role Organization
Jesse Wilson Project Manager Bonneville Power Administration
Sean Welch Technical Contact Bonneville Power Administration
Scott Turo Project Lead US Forest Service (USFS)
John Skidmore Supervisor Bonneville Power Administration