Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Program Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Program


2013 Geographic Category Review
Name: 2013 Geographic Category Review
Review Abbreviation: GEOREV
Description: The Northwest Power and Conservation Council and Bonneville Power Administration will begin the geographic review of all ongoing habitat projects in the anadromous areas of the Columbia Basin, under the Council’s Fish and Wildlife Program on December 6, 2012. Proposals are due by midnight February 28, 2013.

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Proposal Version: Proposal Version 1
Council Recommendation
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Created: 12/6/2012 4:05:16 PM by  Dal Marsters (Inactive)
Assessments: Council Recommendation
Independent Scientific Review Panel
Solicitation Status: 12/6/2012 2/28/2013
Review End Date: 8/28/2013
Viewing of Projects & Proposals