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2018 Research Project Status Review
Name: 2018 Research Project Status Review
Review Abbreviation: ISRP18
Description: The review assessed results from each project and ascertained which critical uncertainties in the Council’s 2017 Research Plan were being addressed. Ten projects met the ISRP’s scientific review criteria. The ISRP believes these ten projects do not need further ISRP review in the upcoming Category Reviews of Fish and Wildlife Projects unless the projects change in scope or propose new methods. Eleven projects met scientific criteria with some qualifications either for clarification or improvement of research approaches. The ISRP expects that the qualifications will be addressed during the upcoming Category Reviews. Four other projects are completed or nearing completion. They were evaluated solely for contributions to the Fish and Wildlife Program (Program) and 2017 Research Plan.
Proposal Version: Proposal Version 2
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Created: 11/8/2018 8:47:24 AM by  Dal Marsters (Inactive)
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