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Project Summary

Project 2000-038-00 - Walla Walla Hatchery Final Design/Construction
Project Number:
Walla Walla Hatchery Final Design/Construction
Spring chinook have essentially been absent from the Walla Walla River subbasin for over 75 years. "The last run of importance was reported in 1925 and entered the river in May and early June" (Van Cleave and Ting 1960). Losses have generally been attributed to the development of agriculture and related irrigation diversions and channel dewatering within the basin. In addition, the construction of Federal hydropower dams on the Columbia River changed the character of the mainstem migration corridor from a free-flowing river to a series of impoundments. This development altered juvenile and adult migratory patterns, further compromising salmonid lifecycles.
Under the FWP, the Northeast Oregon Hatchery Program (NEOH) was established in 1987. It was the initial artificial production planning effort by fishery co-managers for restoring anadromous fish runs in Northeast Oregon including the Walla Walla Subbasin. Little progress had been made towards meeting the NEOH goals since it was identified in the 1987 FWP and NEOH was reincorporated into the 1994 FWP (NPPC 1994).
As stated previously, a requirement of NEOH is that prior to design of facilities, a master plan be developed for each subbasin. The development of a Walla Walla Hatchery Master Plan (WWHMP) is authorized under 1994 FWProgram Measure 7.4L1 which directs BPA to "fund planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance and evaluation of artificial production facilities to raise chinook salmon and steelhead for enhancement in the Hood, Walla Walla, Grande Ronde and Imnaha rivers and elsewhere."
The development of the WWHMP was begun in the early 1990's under project #198805302 and was separated out as project #200020138 in 2000. Two draft master plans have been developed, one in 1993 and one in 1998. Neither plan was finalized as significant passage, flow, and/or habitat issues remained unresolved at the time. Considerable progress has been made in these areas to a point where implementation of the hatchery program is now warranted and a final Master Plan is now being developed for construction of hatchery facilities in the Walla Walla Subbasin.
Proponent Orgs:
Umatilla Confederated Tribes (CTUIR) (Tribe)
Starting FY:
Ending FY:
Province Subbasin %
Columbia Plateau Walla Walla 100.00%
Artificial Production
Focal Species:
Chinook - All Populations
Chinook - Mid-Columbia River Spring ESU
Species Benefit:
Anadromous: 100.0%   Resident: 0.0%   Wildlife: 0.0%
BiOp Association:

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Summary of Budgets

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Actual Project Cost Share

Current Fiscal Year — 2024
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The table below contains contracts with the following statuses: Active, Closed, Complete, History, Issued.
* "Total Contracted Amount" column includes contracted amount from both capital and expense components of the contract.
Capital Contracts:
Number Contractor Name Title Status Total Contracted Amount Dates
422 REL 39 SOW MWH Global, Inc. 2000-038-00 SFWW HATCHERY PRELIMINARY ENGINEERING SUPPORT History $25,208 10/1/2004 - 12/31/2004
75647 REL 1 SOW McMillen Jacobs Associates 2000-038-00 WALLA WALLA HATCHERY Closed $23,137,710 7/5/2017 - 7/29/2022
83795 SOW Bob Humbert & Son Inc. 2000-038-00 CAP WWH EXISTING STRUCTURE DEMOLITION Closed $13,822 10/26/2019 - 12/31/2019
65763 REL 148 SOW Mackay Sposito WALLA WALLA FISH HATCHERY - MSI SUPPORT SERVICES Closed $394,049 12/1/2019 - 12/31/2021
72701 REL 2 SOW David Evans and Associates, Inc. S. FORK WALLA WALLA RIVER BATHYMETRIC SURVEY Closed $25,000 8/19/2020 - 10/31/2020
86188 SOW Umatilla Confederated Tribes (CTUIR) 2000-038-02 EXP WWH O&M FISH TRUCK Closed $195,707 9/18/2020 - 9/13/2021
72702 REL 2 SOW DJ&A, P.C. WALLA WALLA HATCHERY BOUNDARY SURVEY Closed $57,871 4/15/2021 - 6/30/2021
Expense Contracts:
Number Contractor Name Title Status Total Contracted Amount Dates
4395 SOW Umatilla Confederated Tribes (CTUIR) 2000-038-00 SPRING CHINOOK SUPPLEMENTATION-HATCHERY MASTER PLAN Closed $93,929 4/9/2001 - 12/31/2006
32841 SOW Umatilla Confederated Tribes (CTUIR) 2000-038-00 EXP WALLA WALLA HATCHERY PLANNING -STEP 1 SUPPORT History $20,580 1/1/2007 - 5/30/2009
63841 SOW Goodfellow Brothers, Inc. WALLA WALLA FISH HATCHERY - EPC Closed $2,396,955 12/20/2013 - 5/31/2017
BPA-008413 Bonneville Power Administration Realty Services Active $757 10/1/2014 - 9/30/2015
BPA-008794 Bonneville Power Administration FY16 TBL Realty Services / Design cost tracking Active $778 10/1/2015 - 9/30/2016
BPA-009772 Bonneville Power Administration FY17 TBL Realty Services Active $122 10/1/2016 - 9/30/2017
75647 REL 1 SOW McMillen Jacobs Associates 2000-038-00 WALLA WALLA HATCHERY Closed $23,137,710 7/5/2017 - 7/29/2022

Annual Progress Reports
Expected (since FY2004):2
On time:2
Status Reports
On time:39
Avg Days Late:2

                Count of Contract Deliverables
Earliest Contract Subsequent Contracts Title Contractor Earliest Start Latest End Latest Status Accepted Reports Complete Green Yellow Red Total % Green and Complete Canceled
4395 32841, 43037, 59025, 63364, 73982 REL 16, 73982 REL 78 2000-038-01 EXP WALLA WALLA HATCHERY EPC CONSTRUCTION SUPPORT Umatilla Confederated Tribes (CTUIR) 04/09/2001 09/30/2021 Closed 95 17 0 0 13 30 56.67% 4
BPA-8413 Realty Services Bonneville Power Administration 10/01/2014 09/30/2015 Active 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
BPA-8794 FY16 TBL Realty Services / Design cost tracking Bonneville Power Administration 10/01/2015 09/30/2016 Active 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
63841 WALLA WALLA FISH HATCHERY - EPC Goodfellow Brothers, Inc. 12/20/2013 05/31/2017 Closed 7 1 0 0 5 6 16.67% 1
BPA-9772 FY17 TBL Realty Services Bonneville Power Administration 10/01/2016 09/30/2017 Active 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
86188 2000-038-02 EXP WWH O&M FISH TRUCK Umatilla Confederated Tribes (CTUIR) 09/18/2020 09/13/2021 Closed 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
65763 REL 148 WALLA WALLA FISH HATCHERY - MSI SUPPORT SERVICES Mackay Sposito 12/01/2019 12/31/2021 Closed 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
75647 REL 1 2000-038-00 WALLA WALLA HATCHERY McMillen Jacobs Associates 07/05/2017 07/29/2022 Closed 47 3 0 0 0 3 100.00% 1
Project Totals 149 21 0 0 18 39 53.85% 8

The table content is updated frequently and thus contains more recent information than what was in the original proposal reviewed by ISRP and Council.

Review: RME / AP Category Review

Council Recommendation

Assessment Number: 2000-038-00-NPCC-20110128
Project: 2000-038-00 - Walla Walla Hatchery Final Design/Construction
Review: RME / AP Category Review
Proposal: RMECAT-2000-038-00
Proposal State: ISRP - Pending First Review
Approved Date: 6/10/2011
Recommendation: Do Not Fund
Comments: Implement through outcome of Step Review process. Implementation subject to regional hatchery effects evaluation process described in programmatic recommendation #4.
Council Condition #1 Programmatic Issue: RMECAT #4 Hatchery Effectiveness—.

2008 FCRPS BiOp Workgroup Assessment

Assessment Number: 2000-038-00-BIOP-20101105
Project Number: 2000-038-00
Review: RME / AP Category Review
Proposal Number: RMECAT-2000-038-00
Completed Date: None
2008 FCRPS BiOp Workgroup Rating: Response Requested
Comments: BiOp Workgroup Comments: For compliance with RPA 50.7: This RPA action is for hatchery fish marking only. Confirm that the scope of work proposed is for 100% marking of fish (visible or non visible) from the hatchery supported. If this project is marking fish for the hatchery, please specify the hatchery name and populations affected. If marking is conducted under another project or program, please let us know the name of that project/program.

The BiOp RM&E Workgroups made the following determinations regarding the proposal's ability or need to support BiOp Research, Monitoring and Evaluation (RME) RPAs. If you have questions regarding these RPA association conclusions, please contact your BPA COTR and they will help clarify, or they will arrange further discussion with the appropriate RM&E Workgroup Leads. BiOp RPA associations for the proposed work are: (0)
All Questionable RPA Associations (0) and
All Deleted RPA Associations (50.7)
Proponent Response:
Review: FY07-09 Solicitation Review

Council Recommendation

Assessment Number: 2000-038-00-NPCC-20090924
Project: 2000-038-00 - Walla Walla Hatchery Final Design/Construction
Review: FY07-09 Solicitation Review
Approved Date: 10/23/2006
Recommendation: Do Not Fund

Independent Scientific Review Panel Assessment

Assessment Number: 2000-038-00-ISRP-20060831
Project: 2000-038-00 - Walla Walla Hatchery Final Design/Construction
Review: FY07-09 Solicitation Review
Completed Date: 8/31/2006
Final Round ISRP Date: None
Final Round ISRP Rating: Does Not Meet Scientific Review Criteria
Final Round ISRP Comment:
The sponsor response emphasizes that they believe there was significant information overlooked in the preliminary Walla Walla Hatchery Master Plan proposal review. They also conclude that the ISRP review contradicted itself.

In the introductory description of the project in the preliminary review the ISRP stated, "More detailed review and evaluation would be encompassed in a Three-Step process, which the ISRP supports." Apparently the sponsors took this statement to indicate endorsement of progressing to a Three-Step Review. They comment in their response that this statement is inconsistent with the Not Fundable recommendation in the preliminary review. The ISRP regrets the choice of words. The ISRP intent was to communicate their general support for the Three-Step Review, not that this proposal was sufficient to progress to that point. The ISRP regrets having confused the project sponsor.

The response leaves the clear impression that the sponsors thought the ISRP would at least look through the Walla Walla Hatchery Master Plan during this proposal review to find important elements indicating initiating Three-Step Review was justified. In several instances in the response, the sponsors point out that the information requested is in a Master Plan. The ISRP did not have access to the draft Walla Walla Master Plan. Nonetheless, in this review cycle all the information to support a project needed to reside in the proposal or narrative. This misunderstanding is unfortunate.

The ISRP remain unconvinced of the rationale for the hatchery as the appropriate rebuilding tool for spring Chinook in the Walla Walla River, based on the material contained in the proposal. From the proposal it is confusing to determine what mix of harvest augmentation and natural production restoration is the real purpose of the hatchery production. From the proposal it is not possible for the ISRP to conclude that the habitat conditions are actually sufficient to support the hatchery production in addition to the fish that are currently returning to the watershed, even though those numbers are only in the tens to hundreds annually.

From the response the question of the rationale for hatchery production becomes even more of an issue. Sponsors state: "[T]he demographics of spring Chinook remain ‘upside down', such that recently reintroduced natural production in the Walla Walla is not likely to sustain itself to any great extent without increased human intervention, and c) there is capacity in the system for the use of artificial production to re-establish and sustain both natural and artificial production in the system."

The observation that recent reintroductions are not likely to sustain themselves argues to delay artificial production, not a rationale to undertake a Three-Step Review to develop a hatchery program that includes a goal of restoring a self-sustaining population. It is not clear to the ISRP what this capacity might be, but it seems mutually exclusive to have natural production sustained by artificial production. In an integrate hatchery program, with both natural and hatchery subcomponents, the natural component needs to be self-sustaining. The ISRP expects that a moderately fecund species like spring Chinook should be able to rebuild from low abundance if habitat conditions are suitably improved.

If a future proposal is developed justification is needed that addresses expected carrying capacity or other information from EDT or similar analyses, and anticipated productivity and abundance of the hatchery and natural population components. There remains a concern for impacts to non-focal or other species (e.g., steelhead), for which there was insufficient consideration in the proposal. This topic also needs to be fully addressed.
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Legal Assessment (In-Lieu)

Assessment Number: 2000-038-00-INLIEU-20090521
Project Number: 2000-038-00
Review: FY07-09 Solicitation Review
Completed Date: 10/6/2006
In Lieu Rating: Problems May Exist
Cost Share Rating: 3 - Does not appear reasonable
Comment: Planning costs for proposed Walla Walla hatchery; not clear whether planning costs are all BPA responsibility or also sponsor authorized/required; also not clear if this hatchery in mitigation for FCRPS of for other impacts (irrigation etc) as well; needs costs share or other remedy?

Capital Assessment

Assessment Number: 2000-038-00-CAPITAL-20090618
Project Number: 2000-038-00
Review: FY07-09 Solicitation Review
Completed Date: 2/27/2007
Capital Rating: Does Not Qualify for Capital Funding
Capital Asset Category: None
Comment: None

Project Relationships: None

Name Role Organization
Brian Zimmerman (Inactive) Technical Contact Umatilla Confederated Tribes (CTUIR)
Julie Burke Administrative Contact Umatilla Confederated Tribes (CTUIR)
Gary James (Inactive) Supervisor Umatilla Confederated Tribes (CTUIR)
Peter Lofy Interested Party Bonneville Power Administration
Jon Lovrak Project Lead Umatilla Confederated Tribes (CTUIR)
John Skidmore Supervisor Bonneville Power Administration
Carolyn Sharp Env. Compliance Lead Bonneville Power Administration
Andrew Traylor Project Manager Bonneville Power Administration