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Project Summary

Project 2008-448-00 - Project Development/Mgmt

Please Note: This project is the product of one or more merges and/or splits from other projects. Historical data automatically included here are limited to the current project and previous generation (the “parent” projects) only. The Project Relationships section details the nature of the relationships between this project and the previous generation. To learn about the complete ancestry of this project, please review the Project Relationships section on the Project Summary page of each parent project.

Project Number:
Project Development/Mgmt
Proponent Orgs:
Yakama Confederated Tribes (Tribe)
Starting FY:
Ending FY:
Province Subbasin %
Columbia Cascade Columbia Upper Middle 100.00%
Regional Coordination
Focal Species:
Species Benefit:
Anadromous: 33.4%   Resident: 33.3%   Wildlife: 33.3%
BiOp Association:

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Annual Progress Reports
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Historical from: 2009-002-00
Earliest Subsequent           Accepted Count of Contract Deliverables
Contract Contract(s) Title Contractor Start End Status Reports Complete Green Yellow Red Total % Green and Complete Canceled
42224 49228, 53085, 56832, 56662 REL 17, 56662 REL 47, 56662 REL 80, 56662 REL 101, 56662 REL 128, 56662 REL 157, 56662 REL 183, 56662 REL 204, 56662 REL 230, 56662 REL 255 2009-002-00 EXP MOA STATUS & TREND ANNUAL REPORTING Yakama Confederated Tribes 05/2009 05/2009 Pending 53 59 5 0 10 74 86.49% 7
Project Totals 53 59 5 0 10 74 86.49% 7

The table content is updated frequently and thus contains more recent information than what was in the original proposal reviewed by ISRP and Council.

Review: Fish Accord ISRP Review

Independent Scientific Review Panel Assessment

Assessment Number: 2009-002-00-ISRP-20100323
Project: 2009-002-00 - Status and Trend Annual Reporting and Information Management
Review: Fish Accord ISRP Review
Completed Date: None
First Round ISRP Date: 8/26/2009
First Round ISRP Rating: Response Requested
First Round ISRP Comment:

The production of an annual report on RM&E is a very worthwhile endeavor, and the use of a coordinator dedicated to producing this report annually may be a very reasonable approach. However, all subbasin stakeholders should be of the same opinion before this effort is initiated. Also, the activities proposed for the STAR coordinator during the initial 10 months of this project appear to be less ambitious than they might be. A significant amount of progress towards the first STAR could be made in this time frame rather that simply generating an outline of what the report should contain. A revised proposal is requested that: • clearly documents that there is agreement among the stakeholders that this is a reasonable approach; • describes the procedures for coordination with other agencies and organizations doing similar work (regional coordination of anadromous salmon RME for the BiOp, FWP, High Level Indicators, PNAMP implementation monitoring); • has objectives and timelines clarified and altered to better reflect what could be accomplished during the initial phase of this project; justifies why only a table of contents will be generated in the first year or describes additional anticipated progress; • describes procedures for encouraging and documenting stakeholder input and feedback as part of monitoring and evaluation of STAR.

Documentation Links:
Review: RME / AP Category Review

Council Recommendation

Assessment Number: 2009-002-00-NPCC-20110627
Project: 2009-002-00 - Status and Trend Annual Reporting and Information Management
Review: RME / AP Category Review
Proposal: RMECAT-2009-002-00
Proposal State: Pending BPA Response
Approved Date: 6/10/2011
Recommendation: Fund (Qualified)
Comments: See Programmatic issue #2. Sponsor to address qualifications per Council decision Jan 12, 2010 in implementation.
Council Condition #1 Programmatic Issue: RMECAT #2 Habitat effectiveness monitoring and evaluation—.
Council Condition #2 The recommendation was made by the Council at its meeting on January 12, 2010. Based on the ISRP review (ISRP document 2009-55, ISRP found that the proposal meets review criteria, they qualified their review with three concerns that they feel can be addressed in contracting. The concerns include work-element timelines, stakeholder agreements and establishing procedures for ongoing coordination) the Council supports the project for implementation.

2008 FCRPS BiOp Workgroup Assessment

Assessment Number: 2009-002-00-BIOP-20101105
Project Number: 2009-002-00
Review: RME / AP Category Review
Proposal Number: RMECAT-2009-002-00
Completed Date: None
2008 FCRPS BiOp Workgroup Rating: Supports 2008 FCRPS BiOp
Comments: BiOp Workgroup Comments: No BiOp Workgroup Comments

The BiOp RM&E Workgroups made the following determinations regarding the proposal's ability or need to support BiOp Research, Monitoring and Evaluation (RME) RPAs. If you have questions regarding these RPA association conclusions, please contact your BPA COTR and they will help clarify, or they will arrange further discussion with the appropriate RM&E Workgroup Leads. BiOp RPA associations for the proposed work are: (0)
All Questionable RPA Associations (0) and
All Deleted RPA Associations (50.4)
Proponent Response:

Project Relationships: This project Split From 2009-002-00 effective on 11/20/2008
Relationship Description: Move part of combined project 2009-002-00 budget in FY08 temporarily back to project 2008-448-00.

This project Merged To 2009-002-00 effective on 11/20/2008
Relationship Description: Combine all work/budgets from 2008-448-00 (& 2008-447-00, 2008-449-00) to project 2009-002-00.

This project Merged To 2009-006-00 effective on 11/20/2008
Relationship Description: Move part of budget from 2009-002-00 (originally from 2008-448-00) to project 2009-006-00.