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Project Summary

Project 2023-007-00 - ODFW East Region Salmonid Life Cycle Monitoring
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ODFW East Region Salmonid Life Cycle Monitoring
This project originally began under project 1992-026-04, 1990-005-01 and 1998-016-00. In 2023 these projects were merged for more effective contract management with ODFW. This project proposal is to continue ongoing M&E proposed under those projects in the Grande Ronde, John Day and Umatilla. We also propose additional activities, integrated with the goals of existing M&E projects, to provide status and trends for ESA Viability and status assessments for Salmon and steelhead intensively monitor the response of the natural steelhead population to watershed-scale habitat restoration. This portion of the project will provide statistically valid estimates of salmonid population viability parameters and rigorous assessments of temporal habitat changes at multiple spatial scales. Finally, in 2008 Umatilla co-managers implemented HSRG recommend hatchery reform strategies (HSRG 2004) that are aimed at establishing locally-adapted natural spring and fall Chinook salmon populations. Therefore, we also propose to expand the scope of smolt monitoring activities to once again include all anadroumous salmonid species and support Fish out M&E required for the CSRO Biological Opinion for at least one population per MPG .

Specifically, we propose to 1) operate PIT tag detection system at Three Mile Falls Dam and other key tributaries to monitor movement and escapement; 2) operate smolt traps to estimate smolt abundance and mark smolts for survival and migration characteristics assessment; 3) conduct spawning surveys to determine spawner distribution and escapement; 4) conduct juvenile fish surveys to determine rearing distribution and density; 5) conduct limited habitat surveys to characterize the quantity, quality, and distribution of steelhead habitat in the Subbasins. Data analyses will integrate life stage specific survival and life history information to derive and assess the key performance metrics.
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Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (Govt - State)
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Anadromous: 100.0%   Resident: 0.0%   Wildlife: 0.0%
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Summary of Budgets

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Decided Budget Transfers  (FY2022 - FY2024)

Acct FY Acct Type Amount Fund Budget Decision Date
FY2024 Expense $3,224,755 From: BiOp FCRPS 2008 (non-Accord) September Budget Transfers 09/18/2023

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Expense Contracts:
Number Contractor Name Title Status Total Contracted Amount Dates
BPA-013714 Bonneville Power Administration FY24 PIT Tags Active $18,360 10/1/2023 - 9/30/2024
84041 REL 28 SOW Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife 2023-007-00 EXP ODFW EAST REGION SALMONID LIFE Signature $2,931,859 11/1/2023 - 10/31/2024

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BPA-13714 FY24 PIT Tags Bonneville Power Administration 10/01/2023 09/30/2024 Active 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
84041 REL 28 2023-007-00 EXP ODFW EAST REGION SALMONID LIFE Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife 11/01/2023 10/31/2024 Signature 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Project Totals 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

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Name Role Organization
Russell Scranton Project Manager Bonneville Power Administration
Ian Tattam Supervisor Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Lillian Brannan (Inactive) Administrative Contact Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Joseph Lemanski Project Lead Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Stacy Remple Project Lead Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife