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Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Program Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Program
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Project Summary

Project 1988-115-35 - Klickitat River Design and Construction-Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project (YKFP)
Project Number:
Klickitat River Design and Construction-Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project (YKFP)
Klickitat Subbasin Biological Objectives

The biological goals for fish populations as summarized in the Klickitat Subbasin Plan (KSP 2004, p. v of the Executive Summary) are :…

To restore and maintain sustainable, naturally producing populations of spring chinook, steelhead that support tribal and non-tribal harvest and cultural and economic practices while protecting the biological integrity and the genetic diversity of the subbasin.

The larger, long-term objectives for fish and wildlife habitat are to
Increase reduced populations of native fish and wildlife to sustainable sizes
• Increase quantity and quality of reduced and degraded habitat to amounts that will sustain native fish and wildlife species
• Decrease fragmentation of habitat, to restore connectivity of populations and historic migration routes, within and between subbasins
The Klickitat Subbasin Plan seeks to increase run sizes for native salmonids. While providing for artificial production as one of the strategies for increasing run sizes, the also calls for hatchery and harvest practices that do not decrease native stock fitness or adversely affect run timing. Further, to reduce adverse species interactions, the subbasin plan seeks to reduce distribution of coho within subbasin and total numbers of coho above Lyle Falls. The subbasin plan addresses strategies for habitat restoration as well, but the near term efficacy of habitat improvement strategies presents institutional and technical challenges, as noted above.

Klickitat Subbasin Anadromous Fishery Master Plan (KMP)

YKFP activities in the Klickitat subbasin consist of: monitoring and evaluation of existing production activities; research designed to evaluate and implement supplementation programs to enhance natural production; and habitat restoration and enhancement. As defined by Regional Assessment of Supplementation Project (RASP 1991), supplementation is “the use artifi¬cial propagation in an attempt to maintain or increase natural production while maintaining long-term fitness of the target population and keeping ecological and genetic impacts to non-target species within specified limits”. The Project is also designed to provide harvest opportunities.

The YKFP’s Klickitat Subbasin Anadromous Fishery Master Plan is currently under review by the Council and has been reviewed by the Independent Scientific Review Panel. The YKFP has developed the KMP to enhance sustainable and harvestable populations of salmon, steelhead and other at-risk species. The KMP reflects a combination of habitat protection and restoration and hatchery supplementation to address limiting factors (see KSP 2004, Chapter 4.7 pages 126-208 and Tables 22-26, pages 133-243). . The YKFP applies an adaptive management policy, which allows for Project objectives and strategies to change as new information becomes available from Project experiments, monitoring and evaluation, and literature reviews.

Artificial production measures, such as supplementation, are required to maintain fish runs for the foreseeable future if Treaty harvest and mitigation for lost harvest opportunities are to continue. As noted in the YKFP’s M&E proposal (Project # 199506335), supplementation is a cornerstone of efforts to rebuild salmon and steelhead runs throughout the Columbia Basin (RASP 1992; NPPC 1994; CRITFC 1995).


This proposal has four parts which include the construction of a Lyle Falls Adult Monitoring and Collection Facility, an acclimation facility at McCreedy Creek, the Wahkiacus Hatchery and Acclimation facility, and Klickitat Fish Hatcher improvements. Construction of the Lyle Falls facilities include
a) completing the design of the final 15% of the Lyle Fall Fishway & Adult Collection Facility;
b) reconstructing fishway to meet WDFW & NOAA design criteria to facilitate increased upstream passage;
c) installing adult collection facility within fishway; and
d) installing adult enumeration capabilities (i.e. video and PIT tag detection).
McCreedy Creek Facility work includes
a) completing the remaining 85% design of the McCreedy Creek Acclimation Facility;
b) conducting NEPA analysis for McCreedy Creek Acclimation Facility; and
c) constructing the acclimation facility.
Wahkiacus Hatchery & Acclimation Facility design and construction activities include
a) completing the remaining 20% design of the Wahkiacus Hatchery & Acclimation Facility;
b) conducting NEPA analysis for the facility; and
c) constructing the facility.
Work at the Klickitat Hatchery includes
a) conducting design work for Klickitat Hatchery Improvements as described in the Klickitat Hatchery Assessment prepare by Harbor Engineering, Inc. (Harbor Engineering, Inc. 2005)
b) conducting NEPA analysis for Klickitat Hatchery Improvements; and
c) constructing the Klickitat Hatchery Improvements
Proponent Orgs:
Yakama Confederated Tribes (Tribe)
Starting FY:
Ending FY:
Implementation - Project Status Report
Province Subbasin %
Columbia Gorge Klickitat 100.00%
Artificial Production
Focal Species:
Chinook - All Populations
Chinook - Lower Columbia River ESU
Chinook - Mid-Columbia River Spring ESU
Chinook - Upper Columbia River Summer/Fall ESU
Coho - Lower Columbia River ESU
Coho - Unspecified Population
Cutthroat Trout, Coastal - All Anadromous Populations
Lamprey, Pacific
Sockeye - All Populations
Steelhead - All Populations
Steelhead - Lower Columbia River DPS
Steelhead - Middle Columbia River DPS
Trout, Bull
Trout, Rainbow
Species Benefit:
Anadromous: 100.0%   Resident: 0.0%   Wildlife: 0.0%

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Summary of Budgets

To view all expenditures for all fiscal years, click "Project Exp. by FY"

To see more detailed project budget information, please visit the "Project Budget" page

Decided Budget Transfers  (FY2020 - FY2022)

Acct FY Acct Type Amount Fund Budget Decision Date
FY2020 Expense $0 From: Fish Accord - LRT - Yakama Accord Extensions (Yakama Tribe) 10/1/2018 10/01/2018
FY2020 Expense $98,179 From: Fish Accord - LRT - Yakama Accord Budget Transfers YKFP 6/15/20 06/15/2020
FY2021 Expense $0 From: Fish Accord - LRT - Yakama Accord Extensions (Yakama Tribe) 10/1/2018 10/01/2018
FY2022 Expense $0 From: Fish Accord - LRT - Yakama Accord Extensions (Yakama Tribe) 10/1/2018 10/01/2018

Pending Budget Decision?  No

Actual Project Cost Share

Current Fiscal Year — 2021
Cost Share Partner Total Proposed Contribution Total Confirmed Contribution
There are no project cost share contributions to show.
Previous Fiscal Years
Fiscal Year Total Contributions % of Budget
2018 (Draft)
2017 (Draft)
2016 (Draft)
2015 (Draft)
2014 $0 0%
2012 $0 0%
2010 $485,000 31%
2009 $61,000 0%


The table below contains contracts with the following statuses: Active, Complete, History, Issued.
* "Total Contracted Amount" column includes contracted amount from both capital and expense components of the contract.
Expense Contracts:
Number Contractor Name Title Status Total Contracted Amount Dates
BPA-005743 Bonneville Power Administration TBL Task Order Active $694 10/1/2008 - 9/30/2009
BPA-005744 Bonneville Power Administration TBL Task Order Active $14,429 10/1/2009 - 9/30/2010
56662 REL 193 SOW Yakama Confederated Tribes 1988-115-35 EXP YKFP DESIGN/PERMITTING SUPPORT - KLICK HATCHERY Issued $83,307 7/1/2019 - 6/30/2020
56662 REL 219 SOW Yakama Confederated Tribes 1988-115-35 EXP KLICKITAT YKFP DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION Issued $98,179 7/1/2020 - 6/30/2021

Annual Progress Reports
Expected (since FY2004):10
On time:3
Status Reports
On time:22
Avg Days Late:32

Earliest Subsequent           Accepted Count of Contract Deliverables
Contract Contract(s) Title Contractor Start End Status Reports Complete Green Yellow Red Total % Green and Complete Canceled
14390 REL 3 1988-115-35 EXP YKFP KLICKITAT DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION D J Warren and Associates, Inc. 04/2006 04/2006 Closed 7 5 0 0 5 10 50.00% 0
40841 198811535 EXP KLICKITAT PASSAGE + HATCHERY DESIGN Yakama Confederated Tribes 09/2008 09/2008 Closed 11 12 0 0 3 15 80.00% 0
BPA-005743 TBL Task Order Bonneville Power Administration 10/2008 10/2008 Active 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
42840 198811535 CAP YKFP KLICKITAT DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION Yakama Confederated Tribes 05/2009 05/2009 Closed 27 44 0 0 0 44 100.00% 0
BPA-005744 TBL Task Order Bonneville Power Administration 10/2009 10/2009 Active 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
46273 REL 12 1988-115-35 CAP LYLE FALLS EQUIPMENT - NOAA DIRECT National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 11/2010 11/2010 Closed 11 4 0 0 0 4 100.00% 0
51863 1988-115-35 CAP LYLE FALLS EQUIPMENT - PSMFC DIRECT Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission 03/2011 03/2011 Closed 16 6 0 0 0 6 100.00% 0
61469 1988-115-35 KLICK LYLE PASS SETTLEMENT EDUC GRANT Yakama Confederated Tribes 05/2013 05/2013 Closed 3 3 0 0 9 12 25.00% 1
56662 REL 54 1988-115-35 EXP YKFP KLICKITAT HATCHERY/ WAHKIACUS DESIGN Yakama Confederated Tribes 09/2013 09/2013 Closed 8 5 0 0 0 5 100.00% 1
56662 REL 138 56662 REL 193, 56662 REL 219 1988-115-35 EXP KLICKITAT HATCHERY PROJECT ADMIN SUPPORT Yakama Confederated Tribes 07/2017 07/2017 Issued 12 8 0 0 1 9 88.89% 0
Project Totals 95 87 0 0 18 105 82.86% 2

The table content is updated frequently and thus contains more recent information than what was in the original proposal reviewed by ISRP and Council.

Review: RME / AP Category Review

Council Recommendation

Assessment Number: 1988-115-35-NPCC-20110429
Project: 1988-115-35 - Klickitat River Design and Construction-Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project (YKFP)
Review: RME / AP Category Review
Proposal: RMECAT-1988-115-35
Proposal State: Pending BPA Response
Approved Date: 6/10/2011
Recommendation: Under Review
Comments: Implement through outcome of Step Review process per August 13, 2008 Council decision. Implementation subject to regional hatchery effects evaluation process described in programmatic recommendation #4.
Publish Date: 09/08/2011 BPA Response: Agree
BPA agrees to implement through outcome of Step Review process.
Council Condition #1 Programmatic Issue: RMECAT #4 Hatchery Effectiveness—subject to regional hatchery effects evalutaion process
BPA Response to Council Condition #1: <no comment>

2008 FCRPS BiOp Workgroup Assessment

Assessment Number: 1988-115-35-BIOP-20101105
Project Number: 1988-115-35
Review: RME / AP Category Review
Proposal Number: RMECAT-1988-115-35
Completed Date: None
2008 FCRPS BiOp Workgroup Rating: Response Requested
Comments: BiOp Workgroup Comments: For compliance with RPA 50.7: This RPA action is for hatchery fish marking only. Confirm that the scope of work proposed is for 100% marking of fish (visible or non visible) from the hatchery supported. If this project is marking fish for the hatchery, please specify the hatchery name and populations affected. If marking is conducted under another project or program, please let us know the name of that project/program.

The BiOp RM&E Workgroups made the following determinations regarding the proposal's ability or need to support BiOp Research, Monitoring and Evaluation (RME) RPAs. If you have questions regarding these RPA association conclusions, please contact your BPA COTR and they will help clarify, or they will arrange further discussion with the appropriate RM&E Workgroup Leads. BiOp RPA associations for the proposed work are: ( )
All Questionable RPA Associations ( ) and
All Deleted RPA Associations ()
Proponent Response:

Klickitat D&C Expense is for facility design and Klick D&C Capital is for constuction.  This is a more appropriate question for the Klickitat O&M (#1997-013-35) when Klickitat Hatchery operations will cover that contract ~ 2012.  Call my cell questions.  Bill Sharp 509.945.3167.   

Review: FY07-09 Solicitation Review

Council Recommendation

Assessment Number: 1988-115-35-NPCC-20090924
Project: 1988-115-35 - Klickitat River Design and Construction-Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project (YKFP)
Review: FY07-09 Solicitation Review
Approved Date: 10/23/2006
Recommendation: Fund
Comments: Construction dependent upon favorable step review.

Independent Scientific Review Panel Assessment

Assessment Number: 1988-115-35-ISRP-20060831
Project: 1988-115-35 - Klickitat River Design and Construction-Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project (YKFP)
Review: FY07-09 Solicitation Review
Completed Date: 8/31/2006
Final Round ISRP Date: None
Final Round ISRP Rating: Meets Scientific Review Criteria - In Part
Final Round ISRP Comment:
Fundable in Part to complete the Step One review including revision of the Master Plan to reflect due consideration of other alternatives.

Funding is qualified, in that the completed Master Plan needs to include a "no artificial production" alternative modeled to achieve the plan's objectives for steelhead and spring Chinook in the upper Klickitat subbasin. Modeling should provide some type of evidence (model, habitat data, EDT modeling, etc.) that shows the likelihood of achieving upper Klickitat basin objectives with and without supplementation. Modeling should evaluate the potential of a passive natural rebuilding approach over an appropriate response period, perhaps 10-12 years (~ 3 generations), that if not successful could retrigger consideration of the hatchery supplementation program proposed. A habitat-based model might predict the numbers of wild recruits necessary to fully seed the upper part of the watershed - even EDT could do that and would therefore indicate whether supplementation is needed to achieve the upper basin objectives.

The ISRP is supportive of the Master Plan's vision of separating lower river fall Chinook and coho hatchery and harvest operations from the upper river rebuilding objectives for steelhead and spring Chinook.
Documentation Links:

Legal Assessment (In-Lieu)

Assessment Number: 1988-115-35-INLIEU-20090521
Project Number: 1988-115-35
Review: FY07-09 Solicitation Review
Completed Date: 10/6/2006
In Lieu Rating: No Problems Exist
Cost Share Rating: None
Comment: Assume in mitigation for FCRPS (other hydropower projects also authorized/required, but will assume this mitigation focused on and creditable to FCRPS only).

Capital Assessment

Assessment Number: 1988-115-35-CAPITAL-20090618
Project Number: 1988-115-35
Review: FY07-09 Solicitation Review
Completed Date: 9/14/2007
Capital Rating: Qualifies for Capital Funding
Capital Asset Category: Hatchery
Comment: Capital funding approval submitted by BPA COTR. The COTR, COTR's Manager and BPA Accountant certified that the request meets the BPA F&W capital policy and is approved for capital funding (if capital funds are available).

Project Relationships: None

Name Role Organization
Mel Sampson Supervisor Yakama Confederated Tribes
Adrienne Wilson Administrative Contact Yakama Confederated Tribes
Bill Sharp Project Lead Yakama Confederated Tribes
Peter Lofy Supervisor Bonneville Power Administration
Mary Haight Project Manager Bonneville Power Administration
Jennifer Lord Interested Party Bonneville Power Administration
Shirley Alvarado Administrative Contact Yakama Confederated Tribes
Claire McClory Env. Compliance Lead Bonneville Power Administration